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Cash Crate is what I like to call an “everything” site. You can make money by taking surveys, watching videos, completing offers, taking part in their monthly trivia, and their survey contests. Those are just some of the things they have to offer. I have earned over $100 with their site. It really has helped me with my finances. If you’re interested in joining Cash Crate, but need help watch this video. Good luck to you!



                                             Get free stuff on your birthday 


Sign-up with these sites at least a month before your birthday &

you’ll receive email or mail for your birthday freebie



1) A&W – Free root beer float

2) IHop – Free pancakes (4 pancakes, syrup, and a side of fruity syrup)

3) Steak & Shake – Free Burger and Fries

4) Auntie Anne’s – Free Pretzel

5) Moes SouthWest Grill – Free chips, salsa, and entree

6) Noodles & Company – Free Bowl of Noodles

7) Baskin Robbins – Free Birthday Ice Cream

8) Cinnabon – Free Mochalatta Chill

9) Denny’s – Free Grandslam

10) Dippin Dots – Free Dippin Dots

11) Dunkin Donuts – Free medium beverage

12) Einstein Bagel Bros – Free sandwich when you buy any drink

13) Johnny Rockets – Free Hamburger

14) Krispy Kreme Donuts – Free Donut and Free Small Coffee

15) LongHorn Steak House – Free Dessert

16) Hooters – 10 Free Wings

17) Arbys – Free 12 oz milkshake

18) Starbucks – Free grande drink or pastry

19) Spaghetti Warehouse– Free spaghetti entree and sundae

20) Sonny’s – Free BBQ sandwich, drink, and fries

21) Sonic – Free regular cream slush, tatter tots, or medium drink

22) Ruby Tuesday – Free burger

23) Romano’s Macaroni Grill –  Free dessert

24) Rita’s Italian Ice – Free regular Italian Ice

25) Red Robin – Free Burger

26) Planet Smoothie – Free Small Smoothie

27) Perkins – Free Magnificent Seven Meal

28) Panera Bread – Free Birthday Pastry


1) Screenwise Trends – $5 added to your account

2) Swagbucks – An additional 50 SB added to your account


1) Sephora – random mini freebie


1) AMF – Free Bowling!

2) Chuck E. Cheese – 100 free tickets

What can I earn and where?






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Online Earn Savvy was founded with the intention to discover free and fun ways to make money online. OES serves to inform the public of the various ways they can earn money online, earn money through their phone, or through other venues such as market research. OES also discusses ways to find free stuff and get some of the greatest deals!

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*************************************************************************************If you’re looking for unconventional ways to make money online whether you’re: a stay at home parent, unemployed, a student, or just need supplemental income; these are some ways you can earn money on your phone, computer or tablet!

If you’re new to the world of making money online, you can earn up to $100 this month just for signing up, and confirming! 

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at


These are the sites you will earn the most for doing practically nothing. All you have to do is register, qualify, install their apps onto your phone/computer/tablet and keep them active. Each week or month you earn a nice incentive!

                                                       Earn up to $84 this month

Shop Amazon Devices – $50 Off Fire HD 10


  • 1) Google Screenwise Trends = Earn up to $18 in your first month and up to $12 every month after!
  • 2) Smart Panel = Earn $25 in your first month and $5 every month after
  • 3) Points Panel= Earn $5 every month and ask about the E-diary for a chance to earn $25!!!
  • 4) Panel (App) = Earn about 2000-3000 points each month and use towards Paypal, Amazon, or sweepstake entries!
  • 6) Free Eats = Get paid to read text messages! Get $1.00 for signing-up and $0.25 for each text message you read.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!


For these sites all you need to do is register, confirm, and start taking surveys. The length of the survey and the payout varies; but here I list my favorite sites.


  • 1) SurveySavvy– The amount you earn will vary. Surveys are rarely available at times and other times there’s a large amount ready; the payout varies from $0.50 to $100+. You can cashout at $1.00. I have made the most money online with this site. My current total earnings = $300 + in the past two years.
  • 2) Vindale Research – Get paid to take surveys, complete evaluations, and watch videos.The only downside to this site is the cashout is at $50 but there is a $4 bonus for completing the checklist!
  • 3) Pinecone Research – Earn $3 per survey! That’s an additional $3-12/week!
  • 4) Prolific – The earnings vary but the surveys are usually quick and straight to the point. Great way to make additional income. Open to U.S./U.K residents.


These sites/apps reward you cashback for purchases at specific retailers. Visit each site to learn more!


  • 1) Ebates – Earn cashback for shopping online and get a $10 giftcard for signing up!
  • 2) Receipt Hog (App) – Earn cashback on groceries, convenience stories, and specific department/mass merchandise stores. Use code: tent 8221
  • 3) Ibotta – this app is absolutely amazing! If you are referred you will receive a $10 bonus. If you refer someone you get $2. There are plenty of stores and products that you get cashback on anything from produce, frozen products, seasonings, cleaning products, and baked goods. The amount of cash back offers they have are endless. I signed-up last week and I’m already at $5.75 cash back from groceries!
  • 4) Shopkick – this app takes a bit longer than the other apps but they’re are great prizes! You get kicks (points) for each time you check in to a store, scan a certain product, or capture a receipt of selected cashback items. The prizes vary from giftcards to brand name purses, watches, headphones, jewelry, tvs, digital cameras and even a vespa!


These sites offer cash rewards or gift card rewards for completing surveys, searching, watching videos, completing offers, playing games, and cashback.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!


  • 1) Inbox Dollars -Get paid for doing surveys, watching videos, reading emails, searching, and completing offers. $5.00 Sign-up bonus. Sister site is Send Earnings.
  • 2) Send Earnings – Get paid for doing surveys, watching videos, reading emails, searching, and completing offers. $5.00 Sign-up bonus.
  • 3) Cash Crate – Get paid for doing surveys, checking in, watching videos, completing offers, and participating in contests. $1.00 bonus for signing up!
  • 4) Swagbucks – Get paid for doing surveys, completing the daily poll, watching videos, completing offers, using their swagbutton and much much more!
  •   Timebucks – Get rewarded for surveys, offers, videos, mining and much more!
  • 5) Points2Shop – Get rewarded for surveys and offers
  • 6) Points Club – Get rewarded for surveys and offers
  • 7) Mint Vine – Get paid for daily polls, surveys, not qualifying for surveys, and completing offers!
  • 8) Gift Hulk – Earn points towards giftcards! It works great with Inbox Dollars and SendEarnings when doing the Matony Money Videos.
  • 9) InboxPays: Get $5 bonus for signing up!
  • 10) Perks App: Get paid for completing surveys, watching videos, completing offers, doing searches, using their screen app, and so much more. This app has probably the most ways to earn money the only downside is that this site is better to redeem giftcards than cash.
  • 11) Survey Junkie – get paid to take surveys online!
  • 12) Earnie – GET PAID TO WATCH ADS! It’s that simple 😀




  • 1) Bing Rewards – Get rewarded with points with Bing Rewards. You can earn points to earn cash (redeem Swagbucks reward) or giftcards!
  • 2) Qmee  – Get paid a few cents here and there for something you already do for free! They also added surveys as an extra way to earn some money! Payout as little as $0.01!


  • 1) I-Say – Another survey site.
  • 2) I-Poll – Get a $5 bonus for signing up!


  • 1) SaveUp – Receive entries into prizes from down payments on a car, free vacations, debt-payoff, and a 2 million jackpot (just to name a few) for paying off your debt and saving up money! What’s not to love?


  • 1) SQUARE CASH : Looking for a convenient way to send money? Square Cash allows you to send or request money (both for personal or business reasons) in as little as one minute. Use my promo code: knb722 to receive $5 after your first payment!
  • 2) QRIKET: You can win pocket change by spinning the wheel. It’s that simple!



  • 1) Discover Bank – Looking for a new bank? Sign-up with them to receive a $50 sign-up bonus along with cashback on most of your purchases. *Must make a least one purchase within the first 3 months.




  • 1) Perks App – Get rewarded for trivia, videos, and scratch offs!
  • 2) Feature Points – Get rewarded for downloading and playing games! Use this code for 50 bonus points: 2GDD9S
  • 3) Viggle – Get rewarded for listening to music, watching tv, and playing trivia games!


This is currently what I have earned or am going to cashout!

IMG_4216 - Copy

IMG_3999 - Copy

Click here for a look see at my total earnings!

Have Questions? Comment below!

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1) Link to 6-month Amazon Prime Trial (Save Money on Shipping!):

This site is great is you’re saving up for a new car, home, wedding, trip, or something else entirely. You can go to their website and see who their partners are and how match $ their matching up for specific dealerships, hotels, cruises, and etc! You can receive up to an additional $500 to purchase a new car!

2) Surveysavvy: Sign-up with this link:

Sign-up, download their Savvyconnect program to whichever devices you choose, and wait to fill out surveys. Once you qualify for surveys you almost always receive a $ incentive…which you will see on the sidebar. I love this site because the surveys are very straight to the point and you cash incentives are added to your account in 2-6 weeks. You can request your payment at $1 and this is the site where I have made the most money. You also won’t receive any junk mail, just emails from them alerting you if you have a new survey where you can earn $!

3)Inboxdollars: Sign-up with this link:

Receive $5 for signing up, get paid to read emails, watch videos, take surveys, search, and refer others. You can request a payment at $30.

4) Cash Crate: Sign-up with this link:

Get a $1 for signing up, very similar to Inbox Dollars except you can cash out at $20.

8) Ebates: Sign up here:
If you shop online this site is perfect for you!!! Download their toolbar onto your web browser and be alerted whenever you can receive cashback when shopping online.

9) Ownza: another site to earn cashback! Cashout at $10.

10) Smartpanel:
Register, see if you qualify, and if you do receive $10 after one week of installing their program onto your computer and smartphone. Receive $5 for the following week, and $5 every month after. It’s free easy money!

11) User testing: I found this online and it seems legitimate. I’m undergoing the selection process and will find out within in a week if I qualify but as the screenshot says earn $10-$15 per test! What an easy way to earn some extra cash!

12) Poshmark: USE MY CODE BKHUJ to receive $5 when signing up. I absolutely love this app. If you have a closet full of unwanted clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags, and etc… you can sell them at Poshmark. It’s super simple! Just download their app and review the instructions. It takes less than 60 seconds to put something up for sale. You can also browse other users and see what they’re selling and even trade. If you’re a shopaholic this is the site for you.

13) Cash 4 Books: Have old or new unwanted books? Sell them at Cash 4 Books!

14) Qmee :

Get paid to click on advertisements while searching. Watch the Qmee video tutorial at to see how it works and how you can make some good money in the long run. Fyi, this site isn’t for quick cash. It’s a good site to just collect change throughout and see how much you can make. Every penny counts 😀

15) Shop online? Use . This site has promo codes that could save you money. I always go to this site and ebates whenever I shop online.

16) Vindale Research: Great Affiliate Program. Not so great survey site.
Sign-up here:

17) Points Panel: Receive $5 a month for having the program installed on your phone

If you have interests in specific categories let me know! I will do a detailed post on how to make money in one of the categories listed below.

18) Fusion Cash:

Get $5 for signing up and $1 for every referral 😀

Vindale Research

Hey guys!

I just joined Vindale Research and am going to spend a little with it and then rate and review my experience in a later post. Feel free to join: . I know you can cash out at $50. If you have any personal experience with this site feel free to comment. My goal is to see which sites are worth the time and which ones aren’t. Watch out for my rate and review of Vindale Research coming soon!

How to earn your first $25 on Inbox Dollars

Join Now!

Inboxsolars IMG_4293

Inbox Dollars is my second favorite site! Not only do you get $5 for signing up earning money with them is simple and straight to the point. Whenever I had issues about receiving a payment the support staff has always been more than helpful and awarded me earnings when I did not receive them when I should have. I also love how easy the site is to navigate and their dollar logo. I have been with Inbox Dollars since July 2014 and have earned about $50 so far with them. I registered with Cash Crate prior to learning about Inbox Dollars and in some regards I wish I hadn’t. They both usually have the same offers and one offer may be worth more on one site than the other. You also can’t do both the same offers on each site and get double credit. If you have can please let me know.

So now I will go over how to make your first $25 on Inbox Dollars (You need $30 to cash out). I’ve only included offers that don’t cost money and don’t require credit card information. If you find that any of these offers are asking for one of the two please let me know! Have fun and Good Luck!

1) Sign-up! It’s as easy as that. Confirm your email and get your first $5

2) Download their toolbar and get $1.

3) Complete their checklist. Receive $0.50

4) Complete their second checklist. Receive $1.00

5) Complete the Bing Rewards Offer for $1.50

6) Complete the Winter Samples Reward $0.50

7) Complete the Opinion Square Offer and earn $3

8) Complete the Harris Poll Online Offer and receive $1

9) Complete the Big Buck Survey for $2.25

10) Complete the Life Script Sample for 0.75

11) Complete the Permission Research Offer for $2.00

12) Complete to the Reward TV offer for 0.75 (VERY EASY!)

13) Complete the Mommy Page offer for 0.50

14) Complete the Nielsen Digital Voice offer for $5.00

15) Complete Fetch Deals for 0.75

16) Complete Consumer Input Offer 0.75

17) Read below for alternative ways to earn extra money.

Ways to earn 0.02 or 0.05 or 0.15 or 1.00

1) Wait about a week for the paid emails to come and earn about 0.02 per email that you confirm

2) When you have their toolbar downloaded you will sometimes see Billy’s Spin and Win. Spin the wheel (I do daily) and you can earn 0.05 or $1.00 and maybe even $5 if you’re really lucky.

3) Use their search engine and earn up to 0.15 a day.

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy hands down has to be my all-time favorite site to earn money. I have made the most money from this site and their surveys are always simple and straight to the point. The surveys never take an excessive amount of time without forewarning and if you don’t qualify you’re time won’t be wasted. You also have the choice to download the savvyconnect program which gives you the opportunity to earn up to $60 (usually awarded in $10 increments every few months savvy connect is active) that’s randomly added to your account. Make sure after registering you take as many surveys as possible and be sure to lookout for ones that don’t pay (you’ll only get an entry into a sweepstakes). Most of their surveys award $1-$20 per survey and with savvyconnect you’ll find yourself able to qualify for projects from $15-$100! This is not an opportunity you want to miss. It’s a great way to save up some extra pocket change for bills, groceries, entertainment, whatever you want. Just don’t expect to get the cash now it usually takes 2-6 weeks after you take the survey to see the payment added onto you account. In 3-6 months after taking a handful of surveys will you notice the difference.

Disclaimer: Since these are market research surveys every individual will experience different earnings. Every panel is looking for something different in surveyors so do not be discouraged if you do not qualify just wait and try for the next opportunity.

These are my earnings from Survey Savvy and a glimpse as to what it looks like being a member:

paymentsurveysavvy fiftydollars - Copy IMG_3999 - Copy

Join today: