Make $100+/mo with Inboxdollars


InboxDollars is one of my favorite sites right now! Why? Well, I’ve made over $80 just by playing videos in the background for a little over a month. Usually, sites like these award you 1 cent per second but I’ve been get credited a lot more than that. I’m actually at $100 right now and this is the highest I’ve ever earned on this site.


1) If you’re not a member already, sign-up here, and you’ll receive a $5 bonus after you confirm your email address.

2) Next, go here, you will be directed to the videos on Inbox Dollars. Wait, until you see the BET videos they are PINK and PURPLE. It will look like this.


3) Click the circled videos (Beyonce and Sasha Fierce) and let them play. They will loop, meaning you don’t have to do anything and you don’t actually have to watch them. Just go back on occasion to make sure the page doesn’t freeze.

4) Depending on what TYPE OF COMPUTER you have you can play anywhere from 1-15 videos. The more the merrier. In order to play more videos, REFRESH THE PAGE, WAIT, and click the same videos. You can do this as many times as you want or as many times before your laptop/desktop freezes. IF YOU HAVE A DESKTOP you will be able to earn a whole lot more.


Good luck πŸ˜€


23 thoughts on “Make $100+/mo with Inboxdollars

    • Sometimes the videos aren’t there for a day. Try again in a few hours. They usually show up around 9 or 10 am EST. If you’ve already watched the BET videos; I suggest going into your history and re-opening those links. You still get paid πŸ˜€


  1. I’m not getting the videos tab itself.I have created my inboxdollars account before 3 days.Please help me to get the videos tab.


  2. Very good article, I have a number of questions, under the videos page has 5 bet video can be clicked, is a time to open all of these five, how long keep each open. Thank you very much.


  3. Hi! Thank you so much for the information! But does this still apply? Because on mine, it says I can only earn a dollar a day with the Beyonce video. I can’t seem to find the Sasaha Fierce one (I probably have to refresh my page more).

    Are there any other current videos you know about that loop, because I don’t want to actively click and check when the video is done. πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much, though! I wish I found this earlier, before IBD changed things.

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    • Hi Mary! It works a little differently now, unfortunately. But there are usually 5 videos a day where you can earn $1.00. If you reach the $1 threshold everyday for the 5 videos, you can potentially make $150 a month. It’ll just take a little bit longer than it would have during the summer. Also the Beyonce videos are no longer available but I would just check the current BET videos that are running when you first click and then go and do something else. If you can open multiple tabs of the same video that usually increases your earnings. Some days you’ll have random luck, so it really depends. Yesterday, I made about $1.50- $2.00 from watching the videos that are worth 0.02. Sometimes you just have to catch some things at the perfect moment, which can never be predicted. If you need help with anything else, let me know!


      • hi can you tell me more about videos earn with this company //// i am from syria and am lose alot of money to reset the money … so please let me know more about this … thank you


      • Hi there, I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking but I’ll do my best to answer it. It seems that InboxDollars has updated their terms and conditions and is only open to citizens of the United States. Previously, it was open to anyone from any country. I’d say give it a try and just put Syria as your location, and then InboxDollars will let you know if it’s open in your country. Hope this helps.


  4. I’m confused about how this works.. Each bet says you will earn 1 cent for every 2 views. Does this mean I don’t have to watch each video the entire length? Also for each payout you got, is it from all videos you watched a certain day or one of the sets of bet videos?


    • Martin, I would suggest playing the video in it’s entirety because you won’t be credited otherwise. You can let the videos play in a separate tab and get credit. This was during the summer, so it was from multiple tabs of BET videos. You can still make about $150 from videos on IBD. You can also watch Adknowledge videos daily and earn a maximum of $3.00 per day for 30 days and earn $90 in a month from videos (depending on your computer and the spped of your internet).


    • As for the Netspend this is what I found ” There are costs associated with the use and reloading of the Card Account. See the Cardholder Agreement and the online Account Center for information about the costs, terms, and conditions”


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