Get Paid to Search

Bing rewards logo


1) Qmee: Install the Qmee toolbar and they will have sponsored advertisements every now and then where you can earn 0.1 to 0.12 per click! Why not get paid for something you already do?

2) Inbox Dollars: Join Inbox Dollars and get $5 for signing up, then install their toolbar and receive $1, and afterwards use their search engine to earn 0.1 for every two searches with a maximum of .15 earnings per day (and earn more when you cash out your first $30!).

3) Send Earnings: Join Send Earnings and receive $5 for signing up! You can earn .15/day for searching or an extra $4.50/mo. 

4) Bing Rewards : BEST SEARCH ENGINE. Join Bing Rewards and earn up to 750 + credits a month. You can use your credits to redeem gift cards or $5.00 in Swagbucks.

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