Easiest Ways to Earn!

*Last updated 05/24/2015

1) Smart Panel (Computer and Phone)

My total earnings: $30

Vertosmart.com (Take a survey and if you qualify download their program onto your computer and phone and earn $10 for the first week, $5 for the following week, and $5 every month thereafter)! That’s it!

Smart Panel

2) Points Panel (Phone App)

My current earnings: $33.05

My total earnings: $44.40

Earn $5 a month for having the app installed on your phone!

Sign-up for the E-diary, complete the task right and earn an additional $25


3) Ebates

My current earnings: $9.00

My total earnings: $15.36 + $10 Target Giftcard

Get cashback on purchases + a $10 giftcard!


Sign-up here

4) Poshmark (Phone App)

Use the code and get $5 credit


USE code BKHUJ to receive $5 when signing up. I absolutely love this app. If you have a closet full of unwanted clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags, and etc… you can sell them at Poshmark. It’s super simple! Just download their app and review the instructions. It takes less than 60 seconds to put something up for sale. You can also browse other users and see what they’re selling and even trade. If you’re a shopaholic this is the site for you.

5) Feature Points (Phone App)


My current earnings: 1746 points (member for one day so far)

Use this code for 50 bonus points: 2GDD9S

600 points=$1 and you can start to claim rewards at 1200 points

Download apps for points and watch the points add up! Easy and fun 😀

6) Viggle (Phone App)

Current earnings: 4708 points 


Match music and tv shows, watch ads, go shopping,  and earn points! You can earn points to claim prizes such as giftcards, products, and donations towards charities. Very easy!

7) Receipt Hog (Phone App)

Current earnings: 614 coins  (=$6.14)


Scan receipts less than a week old and earn coins (on qualifying purchases). These coins can add up so you can claim rewards such as giftcards and cash earnings via paypal!

Don’t forget to use the code: tent8221


8) Qmee


Current earnings: $0.24

Total earnings: $1.86

Earn $ by searching via Google, Amazon, and other select sites. Qmee rewards you whenever you click on their sponsored advertisement. You don’t earn a lot but you do get a pretty penny for each advertisement.

Sign-up here

9) Survey Savvy


Current Earnings: $39.00

Total Earnings: $259

I LOVE this site. The surveys aren’t mindless and they won’t waste your time if you don’t qualify. I qualify for a good amount of surveys and receive a good payout. Unlike many other survey sites I never find myself wasting time trying to qualify. Some of them are actually fun and there are opportunities to try a company’s product.

Sign-up here

10) Inbox Dollars


Current Earnings: $35.90

Total Earnings: $97.22

I love Inbox Dollars but not for their surveys. Their surveys could be a lot better. I personally like them for the cash incentives on paid emails, using their search engine, and the free spin (available for users who have their toolbar installed). Their customer care team are also really quick on their feet to provide any support.

Sign-up here

11) Fusion Cash


Current Earnings: $7.65

This site is very similar to Inbox Dollars except you also receive cash incentives for even more opportunities. I’m still learning how to navigate the site but it does provide various opportunities for cash incentives.

Sign-up here

12) Vindale Research


Current earnings: $4.00

Another survey site!

Sign-up here

13) Ride App



Current Earnings: 6647 points

Essentially, this app will give you points to have the app active on your phone while you travel. The farther you travel the more points you get. The rewards only go as high as $25 gift cards to select stores.

14) Mint Vine



Current Earnings: 1111 points ($11.11)

An easy way to get $10. You receive 200 points ($2.00 for signing up and you are able to easily obtain an extra 100 points without taking surveys that need pre-qualifications!) You even get points for when you don’t qualify for a survey!

Sign-up here

15) Cash Crate



Current Earnings: $7.10

Total Earnings: $50.37

Essentially an everything site. Get paid to take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and check-in.

Sign-up here

16) Bing Rewards

Bing rewards logo


Current Earnings: 1147 credits (=$10+)

Earn points towards giftcards, prizes, and real cash by using Bing’s search engine! Pretty easy way to get money 😀  In order to receive the cash payout, you need to redeem the Swagbucks reward and redeem the reward via Swagbucks.

Sign-up here

17) Google Screenwise Trends

Current Earnings: $36

Registered Device(s) Install Bonus Reward1 Weekly Activity Reward2
Computer only $2.00 $1.00
Computer + EITHER Smartphone or Tablet3 $4.00 $2.00
Computer + Smartphone + Tablet3 $6.00 $3.00


18) Swagbucks

Current Earnings: 174 SB

Sign-up here


6 thoughts on “Easiest Ways to Earn!

  1. I love Mintvine! One of the better survey sites out there. My favorite app these days is Panel App. It’s such a no brainer. Just get the app and it pays you points on a daily basis just for carring around your phone in your daily travels and quick surveys are also available to earn more points. They also pay 10% of what your referrals earn. Try it and see how it works out for you. panelapp.me/eec


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