Save Money on Groceries!!!

Feeling down every time you spend on groceries? Looking for ways to earn a little extra? Look no more! There are plenty of ways to save with coupons and cash back sites/apps!





  1. IBOTTA – this app is absolutely amazing! If you are referred you will receive a $5 bonus. If you refer someone you get $5. There are plenty of stores and products that you get cashback on anything from produce, frozen products, seasonings, cleaning products, and baked goods. The amount of cash back offers they have are endless. I signed-up last week and I’m already at $22.50 cash back from groceries!
  2. ShopKick: Get points by going to stores! Everytime you walk into a store, open the app, or scan items or just check inand get points. Link your card and get points for your purchases. There are tons of giftcards that you can redeem once you reach a certain threshold.
  3. Checkout 51: this app has a limited selection but it still helps especially if you’re purchasing something from their select list. Their list changes weekly.
  4. Receipt Hog: Get points by scanning your receipts! Once you reach a certain threshold you can get cashback via Paypal or Amazon. Use this promo code for a sweet sign-up bonus: tent8221

5. SAVE MONEY with coupons from Inbox Dollars. This is amazing because not only do you save on the product with the manufactures coupon you also get $0.10 back for every coupon you redeem.


Let me know how these apps work for you. Hopefully, they help you on your journey live a more frugal life 😀