What can I earn and where?

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Online Earn Savvy was founded with the intention to discover free and fun ways to make money online. OES serves to inform the public of the various ways they can earn money online, earn money through their phone, or through other venues such as market research. OES also discusses ways to find free stuff and get some of the greatest deals!

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*************************************************************************************If you’re looking for unconventional ways to make money online whether you’re: a stay at home parent, unemployed, a student, or just need supplemental income; these are some ways you can earn money on your phone, computer or tablet!

If you’re new to the world of making money online, you can earn up to $100 this month just for signing up, and confirming! 

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at Swagbucks.com


These are the sites you will earn the most for doing practically nothing. All you have to do is register, qualify, install their apps onto your phone/computer/tablet and keep them active. Each week or month you earn a nice incentive!

                                                       Earn up to $84 this month

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  • 1) Google Screenwise Trends = Earn up to $18 in your first month and up to $12 every month after!
  • 2) Smart Panel = Earn $25 in your first month and $5 every month after
  • 3) Points Panel= Earn $5 every month and ask about the E-diary for a chance to earn $25!!!
  • 4) Panel (App) = Earn about 2000-3000 points each month and use towards Paypal, Amazon, or sweepstake entries!
  • 6) Free Eats = Get paid to read text messages! Get $1.00 for signing-up and $0.25 for each text message you read.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!


For these sites all you need to do is register, confirm, and start taking surveys. The length of the survey and the payout varies; but here I list my favorite sites.


  • 1) SurveySavvy– The amount you earn will vary. Surveys are rarely available at times and other times there’s a large amount ready; the payout varies from $0.50 to $100+. You can cashout at $1.00. I have made the most money online with this site. My current total earnings = $300 + in the past two years.
  • 2) Vindale Research – Get paid to take surveys, complete evaluations, and watch videos.The only downside to this site is the cashout is at $50 but there is a $4 bonus for completing the checklist!
  • 3) Pinecone Research – Earn $3 per survey! That’s an additional $3-12/week!
  • 4) Prolific – The earnings vary but the surveys are usually quick and straight to the point. Great way to make additional income. Open to U.S./U.K residents.


These sites/apps reward you cashback for purchases at specific retailers. Visit each site to learn more!


  • 1) Ebates – Earn cashback for shopping online and get a $10 giftcard for signing up!
  • 2) Receipt Hog (App) – Earn cashback on groceries, convenience stories, and specific department/mass merchandise stores. Use code: tent 8221
  • 3) Ibotta – this app is absolutely amazing! If you are referred you will receive a $10 bonus. If you refer someone you get $2. There are plenty of stores and products that you get cashback on anything from produce, frozen products, seasonings, cleaning products, and baked goods. The amount of cash back offers they have are endless. I signed-up last week and I’m already at $5.75 cash back from groceries!
  • 4) Shopkick – this app takes a bit longer than the other apps but they’re are great prizes! You get kicks (points) for each time you check in to a store, scan a certain product, or capture a receipt of selected cashback items. The prizes vary from giftcards to brand name purses, watches, headphones, jewelry, tvs, digital cameras and even a vespa!


These sites offer cash rewards or gift card rewards for completing surveys, searching, watching videos, completing offers, playing games, and cashback.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!


  • 1) Inbox Dollars -Get paid for doing surveys, watching videos, reading emails, searching, and completing offers. $5.00 Sign-up bonus. Sister site is Send Earnings.
  • 2) Send Earnings – Get paid for doing surveys, watching videos, reading emails, searching, and completing offers. $5.00 Sign-up bonus.
  • 3) Cash Crate – Get paid for doing surveys, checking in, watching videos, completing offers, and participating in contests. $1.00 bonus for signing up!
  • 4) Swagbucks – Get paid for doing surveys, completing the daily poll, watching videos, completing offers, using their swagbutton and much much more!
  •   Timebucks – Get rewarded for surveys, offers, videos, mining and much more!
  • 5) Points2Shop – Get rewarded for surveys and offers
  • 6) Points Club – Get rewarded for surveys and offers
  • 7) Mint Vine – Get paid for daily polls, surveys, not qualifying for surveys, and completing offers!
  • 8) Gift Hulk – Earn points towards giftcards! It works great with Inbox Dollars and SendEarnings when doing the Matony Money Videos.
  • 9) InboxPays: Get $5 bonus for signing up!
  • 10) Perks App: Get paid for completing surveys, watching videos, completing offers, doing searches, using their screen app, and so much more. This app has probably the most ways to earn money the only downside is that this site is better to redeem giftcards than cash.
  • 11) Survey Junkie – get paid to take surveys online!
  • 12) Earnie – GET PAID TO WATCH ADS! It’s that simple 😀




  • 1) Bing Rewards – Get rewarded with points with Bing Rewards. You can earn points to earn cash (redeem Swagbucks reward) or giftcards!
  • 2) Qmee  – Get paid a few cents here and there for something you already do for free! They also added surveys as an extra way to earn some money! Payout as little as $0.01!


  • 1) I-Say – Another survey site.
  • 2) I-Poll – Get a $5 bonus for signing up!


  • 1) SaveUp – Receive entries into prizes from down payments on a car, free vacations, debt-payoff, and a 2 million jackpot (just to name a few) for paying off your debt and saving up money! What’s not to love?


  • 1) SQUARE CASH : Looking for a convenient way to send money? Square Cash allows you to send or request money (both for personal or business reasons) in as little as one minute. Use my promo code: knb722 to receive $5 after your first payment!
  • 2) QRIKET: You can win pocket change by spinning the wheel. It’s that simple!



  • 1) Discover Bank – Looking for a new bank? Sign-up with them to receive a $50 sign-up bonus along with cashback on most of your purchases. *Must make a least one purchase within the first 3 months.




  • 1) Perks App – Get rewarded for trivia, videos, and scratch offs!
  • 2) Feature Points – Get rewarded for downloading and playing games! Use this code for 50 bonus points: 2GDD9S
  • 3) Viggle – Get rewarded for listening to music, watching tv, and playing trivia games!


This is currently what I have earned or am going to cashout!

IMG_4216 - Copy

IMG_3999 - Copy

Click here for a look see at my total earnings!

Have Questions? Comment below!

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Discounts on Sites!



If you’re interested in purchasing fashionable and fitting athletic wear for fair prices, check out Fabletics!

Your first outfit is $25, but if you sign-up with Swagbucks you’ll get $10.50 cash back.  If you have also been a member of either SendEarnings or InboxDollars, there’s an email in your inbox that will give you $10 cash back as well! So you spend $25, and you get $20.50 back!

Just be aware that if you do purchase the VIP membership, to skip your months if you’re not going to buy anything, otherwise you’ll be charged about a $30 fee. 

I purchased my first outfit for $17.99 (holiday discount) and received $20.50 cashback. I love my outfit; it’s cute, comfortable and fitting especially when I workout. Fabletics is one of the few clothing brands that fit every body type (their largest size is an XXL). I highly recommend Fabletics, I now have active wear that I’m excited to wear.

*I also highly suggest in signing up for offers you are truly interested in.

Screenshot 2015-05-06 19.09.32


If you’re interested in learning a foreign language and need help, I suggest Italki. Italki is a community where you can hire a professional teacher (formal training) or a community tutor (informal training) to help you learn a language. The prices vary by teacher and tutor. You will be able to browse their profiles with their qualifications, experience, and reviews finding the teacher that’s best for you.  If you want to sign-up on Italki, use this link. After you purchase $10 of credits, you’ll receive an additional $10!



Survey Sites Progress

Hey everyone!

So I’m going to share with you my current progress on various survey sites. I honestly can’t believe how much I’ve managed to make these past few months. Take a look at the pictures below, there are some sites where I’m over $100 !

If you’re wondering how I made money on Swagbucks, you can watch the video below for a step by step tutorial. You can also subscribe to the channel for future tutorials.


If you want to get started with any of these websites, here are the links with their sign-up bonuses!

  1. Mintvine : $3.00 bonus  (Easiest Site!)
  2. Swagbucks : $3.00 bonus (Second Easiest)
  3. Inbox Dollars: $5.00 bonus
  4. Send Earnings: $5.00 bonus
  5. Screenwise Trends: $up to a $12 bonus for the first month
  6. PineCone Research: No bonus (but you get $3.00 for every survey you complete!)
  7. Survey Savvy: No bonus, but they have surveys where you can earn anywhere from $10-$110 per project.
  8. Vindale: After signing-up, you can earn up to a $4.00 bonus in less than 30 minutes!

   (You can earn $20 in less than an hour for signing up, how crazy is that?)

When I first began with many of these sites, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to reach over $15-$20. It felt like it took forever. Then as I become more acquainted with each site, I started to learn their in and outs. I figured what worked best for me on each site. So there are some sites where I only do surveys, others I only do videos, and others where I do a combination of surveys, offers, polls, reward codes, videos, games, and etc… By participating in these survey sites, you will also find yourself trialing products for FREE and being inviting to survey panels where you can either earn gift cards or more money! Even if you don’t have a lot of time in your day, if you can donate maybe 15-60 min a week to each site you’ll start to see progress build. If you are short on time I recommend MintVine, Swagbucks, and Pinecone Research. If you have more time, I’d still recommend starting off with those and when you find yourself at a standstill signing up for more websites. There’s only one disadvantage to signing up and that’s filling out pre-qualification surveys. They can feel overbearing, monotonous and tedious but it’s worth it. What you’re signing yourself up for is extra income! Whether you’re looking to save for holidays, a nice vacation, a treat for yourself, groceries, debt, whatever it may be each time you earn money on these sites you’re helping your financial situation. Just be aware that the money does not come easy or fast, but if you keep at it you’ll be happy with the results. I know I am!

Get Paid with Swagbucks

swagbucks-logo.jpgSwagbucks is a great site to make a couple extra bucks. Actually, it’s a great site to make a couple hundred bucks. There’s plenty of opportunity to earn in a variety of ways, they have: surveys, offers, polls, videos, swag codes, games, paid searches, contests and much more. This site can also be a lot of fun, not because it pays but because it’s very interactive. You can watch the video below to get an idea of how to make money and have fun with Swagbucks. When you sign-up you will receive a $3.00 starting bonus (you have to answer some basic profile questions) and then you can move on to making the bigger bucks. You can sign-up with Swagbucks here or you can watch the video to see if it’s for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck on your financial journey!

Make Money with Mintvine

12313772_595574453930307_7531600276078604133_nI’m currently obsessed with Mintvine. Why? Well, for starters I get money for not qualifying for surveys. Most sites won’t give you diddly squat. It can range anywhere from 5-30 cents per disqualification. You also get a daily poll which is an easy 5 cents. On top of that the site is just really easy and fun. Normally with everything sites, it’s easy to get overwhelmed but with Mintvine it’s just simple and fun. Take a look at my earnings progress! In the photo it says I have 4643 points that means I have $46.43. 5 pts = 5 cents and etc…

Make Money With Cash Crate

Cash Crate is what I like to call an “everything” site. You can make money by taking surveys, watching videos, completing offers, taking part in their monthly trivia, and their survey contests. Those are just some of the things they have to offer. I have earned over $100 with their site. It really has helped me with my finances. If you’re interested in joining Cash Crate, but need help watch this video. Good luck to you!


Motivate Yourself To Earn!




What’s your motivation to earn money online? Is it paying off bills, paying off debt, saving up for a vacation, gifts for the holidays, or something else? Well, whatever it is… making money online is a great way to expedite the process. There’s a multitude of ways to earn from taking surveys (SurveySavvy, PineconeResearch,Vindale) to watching videos, searching, more surveys, tasks, and referring friends(Inboxdollars, SendEarnings, Swagbucks, Mintvine), to even shopping online (Ebates) or saving (SaveUp). You can also get cashback on your groceries (Receipt Hog, Ibotta, Checkout 51) There are just so many ways! You can dedicate maybe 15 -30 minutes a day or even a week (depending on your schedule) and make a decent sum. Each year, I’ve increased my earnings by learning new ways to make money on various sites, finding new sites, and just being slightly more savvy (using coupons, getting paid to search, etc…). If you’re getting frustrated with these sites or feel like it’s not worth it, just think of how much closer you’re getting towards your goal each time you earn!

*For more information about individual money making sites read “What Can I Earn and Where?”

*To see how my online earnings has increased through the years, read “Yearly Earnings

What’s your goal and how are you getting there?

hawaiian-vacation-packages-1024x819 (1)

Save up with SaveUp!


Do you need a little push to help you pay off debt or save money? Well, SaveUp is the app for you! This app allows you to link various accounts from checking, savings, credit, loans, and mortgage. Each time you pay off a dollar of debt, you receive one credit.  These credits can be used to enter in instant prizes of credits or $5 – $50,000 or as an entry into a monthly jackpot of 2 million! You can be a winner without spending a dime! Sign-up today! Why miss out on a chance to win a new car, a free vacation, or $50,000 of debt paid off?